Products - General:

Alano products are recognized as the perfect import substitutes made for Indian conditions by host of top-tier premium clientele with repeat orders.

Distinguished indigenized machines

Robust construction

Made for Indian conditions

Hassle free with efficient performance, quality and speed

Genuine service of next mark - honoring commitments

First ever products with unprecedented economy

Reduces current cost by over 70%

Excellent B2B proposition - class leading, proven and unique

Brings in magnitude of benefits to clients

Versatile with multi utility features & patented - Technical and Design

Fatigue free ergonomics

Impressive characteristics – Rational, functional and emotional

Makes the journey in cleanliness pleasant

How self propelled Alano sweeping machines works:

Machine is equipped with a tubular main brush and a side disc brush

The inbuilt powerful vacuum arrangement effectively picks up dust and arrests it from flying out

Disc brush dislodges debris from the curbs & corners to the centre of the machine

The tubular main brush under the machine sweeps up the debris from the floor and packs it into the container located at the front

The dust picked up by the vacuum gets accumulated around the filter and constantly gets dropped back into the waste container

Thus, Alano machine picks up debris or dust without leaving a trace behind

The sweeper can operate in different speeds as required

Alano can sweep anything from dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolt & nuts, paper, wood pieces, stone pebbles, leaves and whatever you want to clean off in your day today life

The container, when filled can easily be lifted using the inbuilt hydraulic lift and the entire machine can be driven away carrying the debris

The debris can be off loaded wherever required by just operating a lever

The operator can do all these at ease single handed and without having to descend from the driver seat

In-order to ensure the working speed of it’s multi-utility virtue, the attachment and detachment of this sweeper unit is made easy with only two point linkage