With eco-responsibility and rapid globalization, we are bound to integrate environmental cleanliness as a sacred responsibility and global business philosophies as natural aspirations.

However, environmental upkeep has always been a challenge & expensive proposition in India for multiple reasons:

Human labors are increasingly getting scarce and expensive

Labor fatigue results in low quality and uniform output

Mechanization option is a choice of machines from overseas

These machines demand abnormal premium & far more expensive to maintain

Equally, these machines do not fit into Indian conditions well


During 2005, two successful senior executives, post their decades of rich experience in large organizations observed & realized that:

Significant loss of resources, time & energy incurred whilst on daily task of environmental upkeep

Cleaning work results in employee fatigue and higher cost

Therefore, there is a need for host of possible improvements in these areas

The solution could be to develop versatile cleaning product offering multiple solutions at economy for Indian conditions


A structured approach was initiated thorough Market Research in 2005-06

The focus was to assess and consolidate the realistic needs, thoroughly

The report amply pointed at need for hassle free industrial power sweeper / cleaning products

These products were desired to be backed by prompt spares & service, economy, versatility and made for Indian conditions

Strengthened by the MR, these driven & passionate executives designed and built an indigenized robust working proto

These were put in to rigorous tests for well over 2 years

This resulted in the birth of ALANO - 640 in the year 2008, a "Multi-Utility Ride on Industrial Power Sweeper" – an all rounder to work round the clock


Alano products are regarded as the best import substitute by the host of top-tier premium clientele with repeat orders

Alano passionately continues to bring in multiple innovative smart solutions

Further, Alano has introduced 3 more fabulous products (2016) into the industry with efficiency, economy, aesthetics, speed and service back up, like never before

Alano feels proud to contribute significantly to the sacred mission "Swachcha Bharat"

Going ahead, the entity also desirous of CSR in serving the general society to the best of organizational ability