The machine is:

Designed specifically for industrial usage purpose

Of 35 / 55 Ltr container capacity respectively

Equipped with rugged cast aluminum construction & is integrated with heavy duty trolleys

Rugged enough to operate even 24 hours continuously without interruption

Equipped with polyester non woven / pleated filter bags

With a feature of unique and easy bin discharging facility

The deliverables are:

Can work round the clock without interruption

Can be used to clean in industries like engineering, textile, food, cement, pharma, wood, chemical, plastic etc

Provides 100% dust separation efficiency

Easy maneuverability due to integrated heavy duty trolleys and easy bin discharging facility

Can be used to clean difficult corners also with a right kind of nozzle

The limitations are:

Choosing a right vacuum cleaner depends on as what to clean

Need to select nozzles / vacuum wands depending upon what to clean

Cannot scrape cement droplets stuck to the ground