The machine is:

With 30 Ltr / 60 Ltr / 80 Ltr container capacity with 1 / 2 / 3 vacuum motors respectively

Proven, ergonomically designed and appealing

Equipped with wheels and strong base for easy maneuverability and machine shifting

Delivers quality work for long years with steel containers

With one year warranty with quick service

The deliverables are:

Works both indoors and outdoors

Can clean / suck water or liquid spills, dust, carpet, dirt spread, snow, ash,

Can work on level hard or soft surface with undulations or floors with uneven heights

Can pick up last microns of dust / liquid very efficiently

The limitations are:

Not ideal for heavy metal chips or heavy particle vacuuming

Machine requires few minutes rest after every intervals of 30 minutes to 3 hours depending upon the size or number of motors in the machine

Machine stays healthy when used for wet & dry combine than only dry vacuuming

Filter bag to be removed while wet vacuuming and filter bag to be re-installed while dry vacuuming