Current era is about optimizing limited resources, enhancing system efficacies, stretching economy of scale and yet meeting requisite cleanliness.

This phenomenon drives all of us to constantly look for smart solutions in meeting cleanliness goals. Alano understands this paragon well in the area of environmental cleanliness and waste management.

With the growing demand for readymade solutions, Alano pioneered India's 1st Multi-Utility Industrial Power sweeper 6 years ago as one smart solution to a multitude of industrial peripheral needs at an affordable cost.

Today, Alano offers 4 fabulous products. These all-rounders can work round the clock in cleaning the environment, lifting & shifting of waste materials and transporting small loads. Alano virtually acts as an inherent member of the clean world.

While Alano products economizes your peripheral operations and helps in contributing to optimized operational profitability; you would also find that these elegant products attracts everyone around!

Alano proves that Indians are second to none in the world !

We invite you to experience the new paradigm!